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With SADE IoTCloud Family  modules you can perform all kind of IoT Projects. If you need turnkey solution our “TurnKey Kits” will serve you express and plug&play   solutions.

Smart Parking System based on SADE IoTCloud Family platform enable drivers to find free parking spaces quickly and efficiently. Efficient parking not only means happier motorists, but also reduces CO2 emissions, saves fuel and helps minimize traffic jams. Smart Parking sensors can be buried in parking spaces and communicate with the rest of the sensor network using SADE IoTCloud Family Gateway. The first deployment of the platform will be with Karaman a unique city-scale experiment in applications of smart city technology which is already considered as a reference in the Smart Cities field by Turk Telekom.

Parking sensors must be robust enough to be buried under parking spaces. The sensor nodes are supplied in a PVC casing rated at IK10 for mechanical impact protection and at IP67 for ingress protection. The use of PVC ensures that radio communication is not hindered.

Smart Parking System is a turnkey solution with SmartPark Software platform.


Smart Parking


Waste Collection


wastesensor1Waste Collection Management System uses SADE IoTCloud Family sensors to monitor the fill level of waste containers and generate reports with optimized routes. Systems reduces both cost and collection times.

Traditional waste collection has been done with predefined routes and time tables. By gathering fill levels of bins, Platform generates accurate dynamic route planning for pick-up of containers which can be accessed directly by field force through smart phones, tablets.

SADE IoTCloud Family sensors are not just for waste levels, sensors are also able to monitor container temperature and movement or tipped over status.

The platform provides an overview of the truck locations and status of the containers together with alerts and route planning.

Mobile application shows container status and route information; providing efficient planning to only related containers; reducing collection costs, emissions, working hours and vehicle distance traveled; increasing the capacity of the fleet.

In addition, system improves the quality of the city-life and creates happier residents.