Dozens of sensor options for all your needs…

Each gateway supports maximum number of 16 sensors. Can select different type of sensors and combine them any way you need. A few sensors can be combine in a one enclosure if it’s possible.

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WaterProof, IP67 Enclosure, Solar Power or more…

Can add these physical features to your sensors easily.

Temperature Sensor

This ultra low power digital sensor allows you to precisely measure temperature in all conditions. It is ideal for cold and frozen storage warehouses. It works well between -25C and 55C.

Tilt Sensor

By using this sensor it can be easily detect orientation of anything. There are lots of application area. This high precise sensor can be used as a warning system on the external surface of truck that transport liquids to indicate tilt being too much.


This sensor easily detect 3-axis acceleration with high resolution measurement. It is well suited to detect motion or shock. Limits of the detection are can be programmed wirelessly. This sensor detect vibration, presence or lack of motion if the acceleration on any axis exceeds a user-set level.